Swedish Massage

Reiki Style

Swedish Massage is the King of Massage, the massage pretty much everyone thinks of when they think of massage therapy. This type of massage is used for healing but primarily for relaxation of the mind and body. If you're in North Fort Myers and need some help relaxing after a stressful day, we can offer the best Swedish Massage in town!

Benefits of Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is a wonderful tool when you need to relax your mind and body. This technique is extremely soothing. The muscles release and the mind lets go of stressful thoughts. Many people store their stress in their shoulders and neck muscles. Our massage therapists will gently work these muscles until they thoroughly relax. The Swedish Massage experience is true bliss!

Besides relaxation, this type of massage increases circulation and flexibility. The society we live in is very sedentary - most of our jobs revolve around the computer. Looking down at a laptop, tablet, smart phone or leaning over a keyboard puts undue pressure on the spine and the muscles in the shoulders, arms, neck, and back. After a Swedish Massage, you will feel like you can stand tall again and like your shoulders are no longer so tight that they're closer to your ears than they should be. You will also have better range of motion and be able to stretch further than you could before the treatment.

Swedish Massage also releases feel good hormones which put you in a positive state of mind during and after the massage, while at the same time reducing the stress hormone Cortisol. In addition, studies have shown that the number of white blood cells increases during a massage. This builds the immune system and helps you fight off illness. When you consider all the benefits, why wouldn't you treat yourself to the health building benefits of massage therapy?

What Happens During a Swedish Massage?

This is one of the most relaxing experiences you will ever have! To start, using all natural lotions, your massage therapist will gently glide their hands and arms in long strokes along your back, neck and shoulders.

Massage therapists are avid students of anatomy and physiology. Our therapists are also concerned with the energy fields running along the body and add some energy therapy to the appointment as well. This addition to the Swedish Massage promotes the healing of the muscles and organs. It also contributes to the overall relaxation factor of your massage appointment.

After the long, gliding strokes, your massage therapist may detect some stubborn muscles that remain tight and tense. The therapist will gently knead those areas to relax them. Don't be surprised if you end up falling asleep during this massage.

If you want to thoroughly relax from a tough day in North Fort Myers try a Swedish Massage. We will be happy to schedule an appointment today!